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Wearing your heart around your neck

Cris Laurens  - Artist


Thank you for joining us for the past 10 years! Handcrafted Heart & Soul, Inc. will miss you as life takes us on new journeys! We will be accepting a limited number of custom orders.  Please inquire here: info@handcraftedheartandsoul.com

God Bless!


From the tiniest seed a tree emerges displaying beautiful fruit. From a heartbeat on a monitor to the pitter-patter of feet, a child grows. With a gift of design and a heart for responding to God’s call, so has Cris Laurens and her handcrafted photo pendant jewelry evolved.

Cris, a self-taught Raleigh jewelry artisan, draws from a rich background of traveling and living in many different cities and countries to create her unique pieces of jewelry. Cris’ passion for design and capturing life’s moments is a journey of orchestrated events that have led her from a degree in architecture and a master’s in education to being the creative mind and owner behind Handcrafted Heart & Soul, Inc. Being forever impacted by the idea of growth and being able to take a concept in one’s mind and transform it into an actual structure, architecture seemed like a perfect outlet for Cris. Believing that “there are no coincidences in life”, Cris has taken her formal education, international living, and experience of becoming a mother and transformed them into a creative outlet that spreads a message of love to everyone who owns a piece of her jewelry.

The origins of this concept started from a dream in her heart with the birth of her first daughter. Cris and her husband then launched Laurens Photography and have run the successful business for many years. It was upon the arrival of her third daughter that Cris saw a natural way to blend the art of photography and the dream of making those memories a keepsake. Knowing that “her heart would forever walk on the outside of her body”, she created a way to preserve those beautiful, precious, and fleeting moments in life. The concept behind her handcrafted photo pendant art jewelry is to encompass those memories. Handcrafted Heart & Soul, Inc. is more than just a business for Cris. It is yet another stepping-stone on the path paved for her life.

Cris says a prayer for the recipient and their loved ones and then encases their life’s most treasured moments in silver-framed glass pendants that are strung on leather, pearls or sterling silver necklaces. Made with an extra dose of heart and soul, Cris’ true prayer is that you would be blessed by her unique one-of-a-kind treasures made from your photos, your memories, your life!

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