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Thank you for joining us for the past 10 years! Handcrafted Heart & Soul, Inc. will miss you as life takes us on new journeys! We will be accepting a limited number of custom orders.  Please inquire here: info@handcraftedheartandsoul.com

God Bless!


What kind of pictures work best?

Any pictures, large or small, that are near and dear to your heart! Moments that show a favorite expression or memory make beautiful keepsakes. Try to choose sharp and clear photographs. We crop down the images you send and pick/cut the shape of glass to best showcase your photographs.

Can you make my photo black and white?
Of course! We recommend and automatically convert your photographs to our timeless black and white. If you prefer color or sepia that is fine too! Just make us aware of this in the additional comments on your order.

Can you fix my pictures? (i.e. move people closer together or take items out of the background.)
We will do our best! We do everything possible to edit your photos to make them shine in your new handcrafted photo jewelry. We will take out unsightly backgrounds whenever possible and will notify you if your image is not suitable for a piece of Handcrafted Heart & Soul photo jewelry.

Why are there so many different shapes of pendants to choose from?
We look at your photographs and then use our artistic eye to decide what shape glass will display your picture best. If you have a preference for a particular shape pendant please let us know under “special requests” on your order.

Can I change the pictures in the pendants?
Not on this order. The photos you send are edited, cropped and reproduced on archival photographic paper. They are then permanently sealed under assorted shapes of glass or glass-like resin depending on which piece you order.

Can I swim with my photo jewelry?
Some pieces are fine for this. Photos are encased in your photo jewelry permanently on archival photographic paper. All the small charms, keychains, rings and most cuff links are sealed in a hard glass-like resin and are completely waterproof. All the pieces made using handcrafted pendants are created using stain glass techniques and are water resistant, care should be taken around water.

Do I need a copyright release for my pictures?
Yes. If you are using a professionally taken photograph you need to obtain a copyright release from the studio where the pictures where taken to submit with your order. Let us know if you have further questions.

How do I send you photos?
You can upload jpg, psd or tiff format files right here on the site with your order.

Or you can email them to:  info@handcraftedheartandsoul.com

If you need to mail original photos, please contact us for a shipping address.

Your photographs will be returned with your order in the condition they were received.

How long does my order take?
Each custom order takes 10-15 business days to ship once your complete approved order (photos and payment) is received. You can choose rush options upon checkout for additional fees.

Can I add another pendant later to the piece of jewelry I purchase now?
Yes. You can send your photo jewelry back with your new order and we will add the new pendant to your existing Handcrafted Heart & Soul jewelry.

Can I purchase just a pendant to put on a piece of jewelry I already purchased or something I already own?
Yes.  Please contact us to purchase a pendant only.

How do I keep my pendant clean?
We suggest you keep your photo jewelry sealed in an airtight bag when not in use. You can clean your handcrafted photo pendants and charms with silver cleaner and/or a soft silver polishing cloth. If you prefer, you can send them back to us to shine up for you for a small fee.

Can I return my piece?
Each piece of Handcrafted Heart and Soul jewelry is custom made and created specifically for you with your photos, so unfortunately we are not able to issue refunds.

I would like to host a show at my house but do not live in the Raleigh area, can I still do this?
Yes. We have an option to host a virtual show online or we also travel out of the Raleigh area for some home show commitments. Please inquire with us for the possibilities.

I have a photo jewelry idea that I don’t see on your site, can you work with me?
Absolutely! We welcome the chance to bring your design ideas to fruition.

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